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The final episodes of Attack on Titan are just around the corner, & here"s what fans can expect lớn see when the series makes its triumphant return.

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Attack on Titan"s long-awaited Final Season: Part Two is only weeks away as the historic epic saga nears its end. After the cliffhanger to over all cliffhangers, the series will pick up where it left off with Marley"s invasion of Paradis Island to stop (the villain?) Eren Jaeger from unleashing the power of the Founding Titan. For Marley, it"s not a good sign when an entire army is brought khổng lồ defeat one man và that man says, "Bring it on." Soon, the second half of AOT"s farewell season will reveal if Eren has the brawn khổng lồ back up the bravado.

The first half of the Final Season left things rather bleak; the Survey Corps is in shambles with most of its members imprisoned & Paradis Island has been conquered by Eren"s followers, the Jaegerists. Levi is mortally wounded, Zeke Jaeger is MIA while most of the Eldian military is infected with his spinal fluid, & Marley has ambushed Shiganshina. Attack on Titan has many plot threads khổng lồ tie up in its final episodes, so here are some of the major story beats that fans can expect khổng lồ see when they tune in for the Final Season: Part Two.

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Eren Jaeger và Reiner Braun have one of the most complex relationships in the series. Reiner was once someone whom Eren aspired lớn be like, then a mortal enemy who Eren vowed khổng lồ kill in the most painful way possible, và now someone Eren can relate to & even almost forgive. Currently, Eren seeks to lớn use the Founding Titan to save Eldia, while Reiner intends lớn stop Eren to lớn save the world. Both of these characters have been forced khổng lồ slaughter people in order lớn protect their homes, và their imminent fight will be their most intense yet, as they are no longer predator & prey but simply equals with opposing convictions.

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Eren spent much of the Final Season"s first half pushing away his friends, even going as far as beating Armin khổng lồ a pulp và telling Mikasa he has always hated her. After forcing their hand by attacking Marley alone, the Survey Corps have lost their faith in Eren and have been working khổng lồ stop him from executing his and Zeke"s plan. After overthrowing the military on Paradis Island and imprisoning the Survey Corps members who opposed the Jaegerists, Eren has firmly established himself as an enemy to his closest friends.

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However, Marley"s surprise attack on Shiganshina has thrown a wrench into things, as now the Survey Corps must choose if they want lớn help Eren fight or help Marley to stop him. Yelena, a devout follower of Zeke, has explained the Euthanasia plan to them, & while Armin was moved khổng lồ tears, others like Jean và Connie weren"t impressed. Ultimately, it will come down to lớn the strength of their bonds with Eren regarding whether or not they join him in ending the war that he started.


The driving force of the Final Season has been Eren"s & Zeke"s plan to sterilize the Eldian people so that they will peacefully die out và rid the world of Titans. If Eren, who possesses the Founding Titan, & Zeke, who has the royal blood needed to use it, come into contact, they will gain full control over Eldians and Titans. Eren"s intention to miễn phí the Colossus Titans inside the Walls on Paradis Island to lớn keep his people safe long enough for the Eldians to die out will drown the world in blood, và preventing this from happening is exactly why Marley has invaded. When the series returns, the battle for the fate of the world will begin, và it"s all because of the Jaeger brothers.

Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2 will premiere on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022 and will be streamed on Crunchyroll, Funimation & Hulu.

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