Hay day bot beta automate hay day for android and ios


Hay Day Bot is a 100% working and safe Android script & robot lớn tự động hóa farm Hay Day in 2021, created by trò chơi Bots team.

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Hay Day Bot plays over Hay Day Bot official ứng dụng và simulate players' gestures to play the game so it is safe khổng lồ use.


Many players have enjoyed enormous resources with Hay Day Bot: building materials, clearance materials, expansion supplies, coins and experience points, when Hay Day Bot automatically plant, harvest và sell crops for players. In 2021, Hay Day Bot continues taking those features for all Hay Day players!

- Auto lớn plant wheat, corn or carrot

- Aulớn harvest crops (this feature is default when selecting the "plant" và "sell" function.)

- Auto lớn sell crops in the roadside shop

- Auto farm multiple Hay Day accounts

- Support foggy weather

- Support all Android devices (Android 7.0+)

Notice: run bots under English enviroment.

1. Download và install theGame Bots appon Android phone first.

2. Get Hay Day Bot from Game Bots.

Everybody toàn thân has a 30-min không lấy phí trial every 24 hours.

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3. Adjust your fields based on the requirements và mix Hay Day Bot as you wish.


4. Run Hay Day Bot khổng lồ automatically play Hay Day for you! Enjoy a better Hay Day experience in 2021.

Hay Day Bot FAQ

1.Solutions khổng lồ Game Bots Crash

2.How bởi You Use Hay Day Bot in the Background and Locked Screens?

3. Why can't Hay Day Bot Aukhổng lồ farm Hay Day Well?

4.How lớn Correctly Customize Multiple Hay Day Farms on Hay Day Bot

5.How vị You Play Multiple Hay Day Bots on PC?

If having suggestions & problems about Hay Day Bot, it is welcome to tương tác Game Bots team: modem.vn
tin nhắn.com

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