Blade ii

Blade 2: The Return of Evil was originally on điện thoại devices, và has now seen a port to the Nintenvày Switch. The action RPG sees you go through various maps and stages, defeating waves of monsters. Evil has returned lớn the world a century after the original Blade game, và it’s up to you once more khổng lồ save sầu it.

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For a điện thoại game port, the game looks decently great. The cutscenes on their own are quite nicely rendered. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the English text localisation. Glossing past that, the generic art direction makes it hard to lớn tell it apart from other fantasy dungeon crawlers out there. The maps are linear, just with different layouts & locations. The character models are pleasing enough. Depending on personal taste, the models for the playable female characters may look stiff to you.


Monsters don’t necessarily look inspired, but there might be more striking ones later on. It is a fantasy game after all. I didn’t get far enough for the highest tier spells, but the skill effects are at least effectively communicated.



There are 4 playable classes: Gladiator, Assassin, Fighter & Wizard. They naturally have sầu different skill sets, so choose the class that’s most appealing to you. Playing the Wizard, I had access khổng lồ area of attack spells, both offensive và defensive sầu. The initial cooldowns felt somewhat long, presumably requiring upgrades to be used more regularly.

Button mashing is effective sầu only lớn a certain degree. Enemies will shine briefly, & if you time it right, you can counter for damage & healing khổng lồ yourself. Otherwise, you can sidestep attacks. The counters have sầu an area of an effect, so if you manage to parry one in a clumped group, you can sover all flying away. The combat is not particularly in-depth apart from the counters. Move through an area and fight the trùm, & repeat.

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Sound/Sound Design

You’ll be hearing the standard fantasy-like music, which isn’t a bad thing. It sets the tone well enough, if not necessarily inspiring. Playing with the Korean voiceovers, I have sầu no complaints about the quality. Attacks và skill effects pachồng enough of a punch to feel satisfying to lớn use.



Defeating boss monsters can drop loot, like weapons and armour pieces. These in turn have their own rarity levels and various random perks attached. Set pieces can also provide a bonus when you have all equipped. Monsters also drop gold, used in unlocking skills. Skills are on a double-unloông chồng system, where you need khổng lồ have sầu the appropriate level, and the gold.

The various stages have missions attached. On completion, you get a pop-up & are given stars at the stage complete screen. You’ll likely spover quite a bit of time trying khổng lồ get full 3 stars, or simply grinding out for gold, gear or levels.

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Blade 2: The Return of Evil still very much feels like a mobile-original game, without many changes made to lớn it to lớn make it more worthwhile. It’ll be good for the occasional pick up & play, if it were không tính phí. As a full priced game, however, the grind can make it rather monotonous for continuous play. I would only recommover it if you don’t have sầu other action RPG game lớn play.

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