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Download The Sims FreePlay – MOD Unlimited Money / LPhường – the latest version to lớn your phone & join a vibrant virtual community.

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Introduce about The Sims FreePlay

Perhaps we bởi vì not need lớn argue too much about The Sims, the life simulation game rated as the best ever. First launched in February 4, 2000, up to lớn the present time, The Sims has had 19 birthdays & 4 different versions throughout the journey.

However, The Sims products provided by the EA publisher have sầu lớn pay khổng lồ use. This may not be a problem for some people, but others just want lớn experience but don’t have enough money? Do not worry, because The Sims FreePlay that I introduce khổng lồ you is one of the rare miễn phí versions of this game.

Although many of you have known & played the versions of this game for a long time, I will still reintroduce it a bit. The Sims Mobile is a game that simulates the daily life of the character created by the player. You will play as Syên in daily life, including working, participating in social activities, dating … Although created by computers and people, the characters have diverse, interesting personalities, bring a lot of fun interactions between players và The Sims.

Create your Sim

Playing The Sims FreePlay, the first thing you need to bởi vì is create a Syên ổn to lớn go throughout the game. Players can customize the sex, toàn thân, face, skin … of the character. Please create your character appearance similar lớn what you want your Sims towards. Suppose, if you’re an active sầu person, wear them a sports suit and a sneaker. Or if you want lớn be a mã sản phẩm office worker then suits are a great choice. In particular, “anti-social” activities are also allowed at some level in the game. You can become a bad boy, participating in parties all night. Do not hesitate to lớn give sầu your Sim a tattoo and a hip hop outfit.


After creating your character, you have sầu to build your Sim’s house. Players get a certain amount of money, use that money lớn buy building materials & then build it your own way. The truth is that the initial money is quite small, just enough for you to lớn build a small house.

Live with your Sims

To build your life, all you need to lớn vày is try lớn earn LP (Life Point) và money (Simoleons). These two things are like living skills and money in the outside world, of course, you cannot laông xã them. So, how to make a lot of money in The Sims FreePlay?

Like most people in the world, Syên ổn also has to lớn work khổng lồ get money. Depending on the nature of the work, they will determine the amount of work a day, the salary, the relationships … The jobs that make money in the game include scientists, artists, teachers, politicians, athletes, firefighters, musicians, actors, và real estate agents. In particular, when working, characters will receive XPhường, LPhường & money.

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In addition, you can also make money in some other ways such as taking advantage of the backyard lớn grow crops or buying a fishing rod. The above activities are extremely helpful if you want lớn make a lot of money. On the other hvà, they help you collect more XP and LPhường as well.

Building relationships

The Sims FreePlay takes you into an open city with lots of people living together. Creating relationships, getting to know people is important. Relationships include family, friends, social relationships và dating. First, try to lớn be friendly with the people in your neighbourhood. They are mostly good people & worth trusting. Next, when you have sầu lớn work, increase communication with colleagues và especially your trùm. Good conversations will create many job opportunities & help you advance quickly at work.

In particular, The Sims, regardless of the version, always pushes you to find a soulmate. When playing lớn a certain threshold, your Slặng will feel annoyed by loneliness for too long. Your task is to find hlặng a partner and, if possible, bring them to lớn the same house. It can be said that the most interesting interactions of the game will lie in this clause because the psychology of Slặng is exactly the same with humans & is revealed very clearly. This creates a sense of excitement for the player when helping your character dating with girls.


Overall, building relationships in The Sims FreePlay is very interesting. Each person has a different personality, you will feel lượt thích living in a virtual đô thị but real, comfortable to explore people, life in here. In addition, the conversations are not stereotyped by characters designed quite flexible, good interaction between players & Sims.


The Sims is known as the best life simulation game not only because of the gameplay but also because of its almost amazing graphics. Genuine 3D images, sharp, small details are also meticulously designed, almost no minus points. Besides, the weather effects are also constantly changing; Spring, Summer, Autumn và Winter take turns and in particular, each season has its own characteristics identical khổng lồ real life.

Although the free version, but The Sims FreePlay retains the typical traits of The Sims graphics. Believe sầu me, it won’t let you down!

MOD APK version of The Sims Freeplay

Similar khổng lồ other simulation games lượt thích The Sims điện thoại và Avakin Life, this game also has a MOD version.

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MOD Feature

Unlimited Money/LPhường.

Download The Sims Freeplay MOD APK for Android

As a hit game & a rare free version, The Sims FreePlay has been warmly welcomed by gamers since its launch. Up khổng lồ the present time, the game has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play, the number is enough khổng lồ say the attraction of this game to the world community. Are you ready lớn experience a whole new life?

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