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More than 3000 Bases with link to copy directly within seconds(Don"t Build Just Copy). 2.

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builder hall 05 base design anti air link


We Need Non Rushed Excellent Attackers of TH13 và TH14 for Clan War League(Master League), Clan Tag: #PURG08YG. We are hyperactive clan(level 18) with Full Donations, Regular Wars & We Reach All Tiers in Every Clan Games.
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bh05 layout liên kết anti 3 stars



Yo the bảo hành base that I chose from here has never let me loose cuz it’s so f***ing good thanks a lot

Sujal stha

Plz make more builder base which is the best ……I don’t see such types of base so I hope I will get the best base ….in future…!!!!


Your bases are seriously the best. I’m able lớn reach3000 trophies easily. Nice job , MAN!!!!!!
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