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Cờ đại gia - teo Ty Phu ZingPlay sa PC

Ang Cờ triệu phú - co Ty Phu ZingPlay, na nagmumula sa developer mãng cầu VNG ZingPlay game Studios, ay tumatakbo sa apk systerm sa nakaraan.

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Ngayon, maaari ao ước laruin ang Cờ triệu phú - teo Ty Phu ZingPlay sa PC gamit ang modem.vn nang maayos.

I-download ito sa modem.vn library o mga resulta ng paghahanap. Hindi mãng cầu tumitingin sa baterya o nakakadismaya mãng cầu mga tawag sa maling oras.

I-enjoy lang ang Cờ triệu phú - co Ty Phu ZingPlay PC sa malaking screen nang libre!

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Cờ triệu phú – teo Ty Phu ZingPlay is a strategic thiết bị di động game relating lớn real estate investing strategies, buying và selling property on each landmark of Vietnam where you go through. Having the chơi game similar to lớn traditional monopoly, Business Tour , Cờ triệu phú only requires a pair of dice to let you start the interesting journey through many places & apply your autonomous decision-making skills on the chessboard.

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In each landmark you stop by, there is a business opportunity for you to lớn buy that site và build your own villages. The utimate goal of the trò chơi is to possess landmark with luxury property as as many as possible và make your opponents bankrupt.

Picking up one of various celebrities chibi characters with distinct skills acompanied by a bit of luckiness và your talent, you will travel throughout many famous places in Vietnam và compete with hundred thousands of online billionaires across the country

Play chơi Cờ tỷ phú – teo Ty Phu ZingPlay và experience the fantastic feeling of becoming an billionaire right on the chessboard immediately!

Highlight features:

-Play & interact online with thousands of other players with 3F (Fast - Fun – Free) factors

-High-end 3d graphics of Celebrities chibi characters & vibrant sound effects

-A variety of renowed & amazing tourist destinations of Vietnam

-Splendid và diverse systems of dice

** chú ý ** khổng lồ enhance the new experience và give players a real sense , Cờ triệu phú – co Ty Phu ZingPlay only supported on thiết bị di động devices connected lớn the Internet.

Join the community of Cờ đại gia - teo Ty Phu ZingPlay online game:

Game used these permissions:

1. Access to Photos, Media, and Files (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) Allows you khổng lồ store your settings & avatars on an SD card in order to không tính phí storage space on your device.

2. READ_PHONE_STATE: This is required lớn identify device specific issues and improve performance

3. GET_ACCOUNTS: Only used if you want khổng lồ log in or defy your friends via Google +

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