How to redeem codes in call of duty: mobile season 4

Activision loves to reward its free-to-play players regularly with exciting rewards. Naturally, this has attracted millions of players across call of Duty: Warzone and Hotline of Duty: sản phẩm điện thoại. Ranging from operators to weapon skins & blueprints, developers have offered a lot of không tính tiền rewards across these games in the past.

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The rewards not only come as a part of events but are also often a part of promotions. Therefore, every once in a while, there are a set of codes that players can use to redeem không tính tiền rewards. In fact, call of Duty: thiết bị di động also has similar codes every season, which players can use to enjoy không tính phí skins or operators.

Call of Duty: di động redeem codes for Season 4

CoDM is currently in its fourth season with a Wild West theme. Previous khổng lồ similar such instances, Activision has added many codes that players can use to lớn redeem free rewards. These codes usually are a part of social promotions. Therefore, they are available on official social truyền thông media channels & pages.


Activision also sends out codes to điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: mobile partner YouTubers who chia sẻ these with their fans. However, these codes often fail lớn reach the players on time as they keep on updating. Fortunately, there are still a lot of active codes that fans can use khổng lồ redeem miễn phí rewards in Season 4.

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How lớn redeem codes in CoDM?

Once players get their hands on these codes, the next step is redeeming them for rewards. There is no in-game redemption method, and players must bởi this through the official Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty rewards trang web. The process isn’t complicated, và players can redeem rewards in a matter of few minutes.

In order to redeem không tính tiền rewards, players need to follow a few simple steps. First, players can head over khổng lồ the call of Duty: Mobile Redemption Centre. Here, they will need khổng lồ enter two important details—the redeem code and their UID. Players can get their UID from their in-game protệp tin.

After entering the UID and redeem code, players need lớn do the human verification by entering the Captphụ vương code in the given column. All that’s left is clicking on the submit button, và the không tính tiền reward will appear in the in-game mail.

Keep an eye out for all the upcoming reward codes and redeem them as soon as possible.

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