Code tân thiên long mobile mới nhất 2021

In today’s article, Taimienphi will guide you how khổng lồ use or enter GiftCode Tan Thien Long di động, the 3 chiều MMORPG RPG sản phẩm adapted intact from the famous masterpiece sword of author Kyên Dung.

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On the occasion of the official launch of the MMORPG 3 chiều role-playing game Tan Thien Long thiết bị di động, the VNG publisher sent readers và readers the codes Code Tan Thien Long value, each gift code offers a different mix of rewards.

Code Tan Thien Long Mobile

– fsphf5sx– nstxybb5– an7sty2p

How to lớn enter Code Tan Thien Long Mobile

Step 1: Access the Tan Thien Long thiết bị di động trò chơi Code entry page Here => login game trương mục need to use your khuyến mãi.– Note: Account Play Now need lớn be protected by gmail to log in và use Tan Thien Long Mobile GiftCode.


Step 2: On the next page, enter the code Code Tan Thien Long mobile => select information VPS and information figure want to receive bonus => fill Verification Code => clichồng Get Bonus.

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Step 3: The notice of Code Code Redemption of Tan Thien Long Mobile has appeared successfully, now go to the game to lớn kiểm tra whether your reward is enough or not.


Remember, after using Code Tan Thien Long điện thoại, rewards will be sent through the box Letters characters, so do not be surprised after using them without seeing them in your inventory.

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* So you và Taimienphi have sầu just come together to find out how to enter the Code of Tan Thien Long mobile to receive sầu rewards, in addition you can also use the BlueStacks emulator software. Tan Thien Long on the computerThis allows you to lớn comfortably experience without worrying about running out of battery, damaging your phone …

=> Link tải về Tan Thien Long for Android


=> Link tải về Tan Thien Long for iOS


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