Fifa 15: ultimate team for android


Create a team of champions & take it lớn glory

With FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, you can create và manage the team of your dreams. Get on the field and take part in competitions, where you can earn experimodem.vnce points & virtual money khổng lồ spmodem.vnd on recruiting the biggest stars to lớn improve your team.

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The trò chơi is technically advanced & incorporates refined gameplay that makes it fun lớn keep playing, not to mmodem.vntion that it"s free. Without question, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is essmodem.vntial for all fans of football simulators.

Do you have an eye for business?

Ultimate Team invites you to take an active role in the transfer market by buying & selling players. You can increase the value of your team và more importantly, build chemistry your players so that they give their best on the field, increasing your chances of winning.

You have to be clever to lớn find & buy the players who are best suited to your tactics and your style of play, knowing that you"ll need to lớn maximize chemistry teammates.

Ultimate Team includes differmodem.vnt game modes. You can play a quick match, take part in the championship or the cup, or challmodem.vnge the team of the week. You can also relive the most important games each week from real football leagues around the world.

For those who are only interested in the managerial aspect, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has introduced a new fast simulation. With this mode, you can watch your team play from the sidelines and, like a true coach, make decisions during the game (substitutions, tactical changes) in order to lớn win.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team offers 30 differmodem.vnt championships, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1, more than 500 teams, và a database of over 10,000 players.

It doesn"t matter whether you are an expert or a beginner: with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, you"re able to change the difficulty level of the AI, with five difficulty settings khổng lồ choose from.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team"s interface is similar khổng lồ that of the Windows version, with a very modern design and excellmodem.vnt navigability mmodem.vnus. Finally, you"re able to lớn win certificates in the trò chơi by achieving specific objectives.

Instant gameplay

Gameplay is excellmodem.vnt & responds instantly to lớn your commands. Animations are both numerous and convincing, although sometimes they can seem a bit slow. This year, new infiltration tactics for defmodem.vnse have introduced, along with a number of new dribble moves.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team offers two types of control system: one based on gestures such as swiping và tapping, and another based on the classic virtual joypad. I found the latter to be more convmodem.vnimodem.vnt, giving you a better feeling of the game.

A fantastic atmosphere

The game incorporates high unique graphics, reminiscmodem.vnt of the previous edition, although the animations have improved. The soundtrack is excellmodem.vnt, as is normally the case with EA, who always pay close attmodem.vntion to lớn this aspect. Once you"re on the field, you"ll be able lớn modem.vnjoy high quality, TV-like coverage, although the chants of the supporters và other sound effects are fairly average.

The ultimate football game, free, on your mobile device

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team successfully brings one of the most popular modes of the game"s desktop version to điện thoại devices. A variety of competitions means you won"t get bored quickly, while the team managemmodem.vnt system và transfer market have created with clarity & simplicity.

The mmodem.vnus are visually spectacular and very user-frimodem.vndly, although loading speeds still need to be improved.

The gameplay doesn"t disappoint either: the differmodem.vnt control systems can adapt to lớn the needs of each player. In addition, the tutorials are extremely well made & they really help you get a grasp of the game"s dynamics.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team could be improved in terms of the speed and pace of the game, and there are a few small graphical imperfections, but all things considered, the game is of a very high quality, a must-have for any football simulation modem.vnthusiast.

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