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Contra is a classic run và gun shooter from Konami that has seen many followups since its debut in 1987 as an arcade game. It would seem Konami saw fit khổng lồ lend the license lớn Tencent, so TiMi Studio developed a free-to-play interpretation of the classic sidescrolling shooter. It"s calledContra Returns, và it"s now available on the Play Store. As you can guess, this is a gacha trò chơi that"s packed with in-app purchases, as well as a VIP system, và worse yet, user review are pretty negative thanks to lớn the game"s aggressive permissions.

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You can watch the latest trailer for Contra Returns above. As you can see, the trò chơi almost looks the part, thanks lớn its classic side-scrolling action, but that"s only half the story here. This is a gacha game, and the grind wall hits pretty early. There is an annoying forced tutorial, multiple currencies, a VIP system that rewards spending, not to mention in-app purchases that range all the way up lớn $109.99 per item. You can purchase skins, materials for weapons, as well as a primary in-game currency. You"ll collect cards khổng lồ unlock heroes, which are all ranked, & there"s weapon gacha too, where your weapons are also ranked. The trò chơi offers multiple servers too, which is a big no-no when offering a VIP system. After all, how will everyone show off their expensive purchases if they have khổng lồ worry about their hệ thống dying before they get a chance?

Left; Contra or PUBG? Right; game settings

No matter how you slice it, Contra Returns is an extremely greedy cash grab from Tencent, which isn"t surprising but is still disappointing. Of course, everyone in the West loves khổng lồ hate on Tencent for being such a greedy company (myself included), & so many of the new Play Store reviews bring up the fact the game"s permissions are numerous & unnecessary, an easy avenue khổng lồ deride a trò chơi that was clearly built from the ground up khổng lồ suck up as much cash & info from the player base as possible.

Well now, that"s a packed list ofpermissions

So there you have it. Tencent & Konami have seen fit lớn take advantage of the fan-favorite Contra franchise for some easy cash. As expected, the graphics are fantastic, but the rest stinks lớn high heaven thanks khổng lồ greedy monetization, multiple servers, multiple gacha, an unnecessary VIP system, an early grind wall, not khổng lồ mention iffy permissions. At the very least, the game is free, so if you"d lượt thích to take a look for yourself to lớn see how it stacks up, you can install Contra Returns by clicking on the Play Store widget below.

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