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Hay Day
Unlimited Money/Seeds
Android 4.1

For a long time, farm management games have always won a lot of love from the trò chơi players. With a gentle, playful, peaceful country style, the farm games are perfect for entertaining after a day of study và working tired. And one of them is tuyệt Day MOD android (Unlimited Money/Seeds), a fun farm trò chơi released by Supercell.

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About hay DayMOD app android version of tuyệt Day

About hay Day

This game was officially announced in 2012, after five years of development, giỏi Day now supports both iOS and Android platforms that make it easy for players to download and participate in one of the hottest farm games most in the world at present.

Fun gameplay

As a farm game, of course, you will be transformed into a real farmer in hay Day, where farmer’s daily work will be reproduced so you can earn much mone. Starting xuất xắc Day, you will be the owner of a small farm with some cottages, ranches, rough fields. Get started with farming with some of the available seeds that tốt Day provides for you. Sow seeds spray water until your plant’s bloom. At that time, you can harvest và sell farm produce in the store for a lot of money, which can buy more expensive plants and items.


In addition to lớn plants, pets are also one of the special factors that help hay Day has a large number of players. There are many pets that you can take care of; these pets have đáng yêu patterns typical for farm games such as Cow, Chicken, Goat, Pig, … In particular, tốt Day also has two pets Dogs, & Cats bring you tremendous amounts of experience và extremely interesting items. To lớn raise two pets, you need to buy a house for them & feed them regularly.

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Trade traders


Hay Day has a 3 chiều farm simulation style. The trò chơi is bright, eye-catching with the creation of homes, plants, and pets charming, bringing a sense of light entertainment for players. Besides, the background music is soft and thick, very suitable for the gameplay of tốt Day. If you are a fan hâm mộ of farm simulation games, giỏi Day will make you feel satisfied và happy.

MOD app android version of hay Day

MOD features

Unlimited MoneyUnlimited Seeds


The thủ thuật version is outdated và may not work.

Download hay Day MOD game android for Android

Hay Day is a record-breaking farm game that numbers up to 20 million players worldwide. No farm game in the world has a large number of players than hay Day. The game tư vấn for both Android and iOS platforms, you can download the game Hay Day to lớn experience the beautiful farm game through the links below.

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