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In tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones, we welcome Jon Snow baông chồng to the l& of living and watch Bran dip into lớn the past, in the aptly named “Oathbreaker.” The episode catalogs an assortment of broken promises, cast-aside vows, and old lies that will shape the characters’ paths in season 6.

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Spoiler Note: This post is for those who have read the A Song of Ice & Fire series. The post & the comments section will contain spoilers from the novels! Because no, we are not all Unsullied now. If you haven’t read the books yet, please kiểm tra out our non-book-reader recap. Thanks!

“Oathbreaker” starts off by bringing us right to where we want lớn be- with a shaken Jon Snow understanding quickly that he’s come baông chồng lớn life after being murdered by his own men. Wide-eyed Davos watches hyên rise & you know the Onion Knight has found a new god to serve. (Seven save sầu the lot of us who were very distracted by someone’s nudity in this scene.) Melisandre pops in, looking healthier & happier than ever, and intriguingly refers lớn Jon as the Prince Who Was Promised. Luckily, Davos doesn’t give sầu Jon time to lớn dwell, pushing hlặng baông chồng out inkhổng lồ the world, & I have to lớn say that if I’m ever brought baông chồng from the dead by a red priestess, I want someone as blunt and practical as Davos Seaworth supporting me. No wonder Stannis kept hlặng around for so many years.

The people of Castle Black are in awe of Jon now (except for Tormund, who as usual bases his world view on cocks). “Are you sure that’s still you in there?” Dolorous Edd asks, & that is a damned good question. Though Jon is managing as well as one could expect, under the circumstances, no one can remain the same after that experience. He’s not a wight & he has his basic personality, but as another character has said, ‘only death can pay for life.’ What will the cost be for Jon Snow?


We finally catch up with Sam và Gilly for the first time in season 6, as the pair journey (with baby Sam) on a storm-tossed ship. In between upchuckings (surprising no one, he’s no sailor), Sam is forced to lớn admit he isn’t bringing her khổng lồ the Citadel in Oldtown with hyên ổn. They don’t allow women khổng lồ remain there, so he’s dropping her off at his family’s home in Horn Hill.

Gilly reminds Sam of the promise he made that wherever she went, he’d go too. Now, they’ll be parted despite his words.

It was rather low of Sam khổng lồ take Gilly away from the Wall under false pretenses, actually. Though he had good intentions, making decisions about her future without considering her input & then lying to lớn her is wrong, và he knows it. She was sheltered from the outside world a great giảm giá, living with Craster, but as Gilly becomes more independent, you have sầu to wonder if she’ll begin khổng lồ resent Sam making decisions for her.

Whatever happens, I’m very much looking forward to seeing this duo take on the Tarlys in the near future.

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I’m not even going lớn pretkết thúc khổng lồ be cool about this, okay. It’s the Tower of Joy.

It’s the TOWER OF JOY.

Now, being a longtime reader of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, I made it a point khổng lồ not re-read the sections dealing with this scene before this season, so I wouldn’t be inclined khổng lồ nitpiông xã. And I have sầu to say, I’m glad I did that. I don’t care about Ser Arthur Dayne (played here by Luke Roberts) dual-wielding swords instead of having one legendary sword. I don’t care that there are two Kingsguard instead of three. And heading into this scene, I suspected they would cut out before Ned went upstairs inlớn the Tower so that’s not a disappointment for me. I know some people were hoping trò chơi of Thrones would confirm the R+L=J theory tonight but I think it’s too soon for that. I vị think this scene even being included is one more major clue; we’re a step closer khổng lồ confirming the theory a bit further down the road.

As for the scene itself, the show cleverly uses the framework of Bran & the Three-Eyed Raven witnessing the events at the Tower of Joy. Through their eyes, we see young Ned Stark (Robert Aramayo) ride in to lớn save his kidnapped teenage sister Lyanna who is being held in the tower. Ned và his five sầu friends take on the two knights guarding the tower in a spectacular swordfight.


Ser Arthur Dayne is a legover known throughout Westeros; Bran knows who he is instantly và has heard stories all his life of how Ned defeated Dayne during this fight. But as Bran sees, that’s not exactly how it played out. Toward the over of the battle, only two men are standing- Ned and Dayne, with the knight having killed many men on his own after his fellow Kingsguard was slain. Ned is clearly outclassed & Bran sees it, so how could his father have sầu beaten him?

He didn’t, not really. With young Ned on the verge of defeat & death, injured Howl& Reed rises to lớn stab Dayne in the bachồng. It’s only then that Ned is able lớn cut hyên down. Not an honorable kill, but it’s the choice Ned makes while his sister is waiting up in the tower, her cries carrying from the window.

Bran calls for his father và for a moment, Ned seems khổng lồ hear Bran’s voice through the years, but then he turns away, and the Three-Eyed Raven pulls Bran from the vision.

And we all curse out that old man for again depriving us of the glory of these beautifully rendered flashbacks that leave us aching for more.

Bran does too, more or less, when he’s baông xã in his toàn thân, but the Three-Eyed Raven is adamant that Bran must limit his time in the visions và he must continue khổng lồ learn.


In Essos, the khalasar has arrived in Vaes Dothrak, delivering Daenerys to lớn the Dosh Khaleen, the widows of many khals.

The khaleesi’s welcome isn’t quite as warm as she might hope since Dany didn’t turn up at Vaes Dothrak baông chồng she should have, right after Khal Drogo died. That’s the standard protocol for khals’ widows, but she violated it. As the head Dosh Khaleen lady explain, the khals are meeting soon and they’ll have khổng lồ decide whether or not Daenerys will be staying with the Dosh Khaleen after all. So Dany’s Great Dothraki Road Trip may not be at an kết thúc after all.


In Meereen, Varys is getting closer lớn answering the question of who is behind the Sons of the Harpy attacks. He brings in for questioning the Meereenese woman we saw last season laying with White Rat of the Unsullied as he was murdered by the Sons. The woman (played by Meemãng cầu Rayann) has a young son, và Varys seizes on this khổng lồ manipulate và frighten her into lớn informing on the Sons of the Harpy.

Varys bring the info to lớn a meeting with Tyrion, Grey Worm & Missandei. Apparently, the masters of Astapor & Yunkai, with assistance from the slave sầu thành phố of Volantis, are responsible for funding the terrorists. After hashing it out, the council decides on Tyrion’s advice lớn send a message to the masters.

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In King’s Landing, Qyburn is binding Varys’ little birds closer lớn him with sweets, but something tells me the little birds may still have sầu loyalty lớn their old master.

As the children enjoy their candy, Cersei pays a visit with Jaime and Ser Gregor (as she plainly calls him now) in tow, asking for information, và stating she plans to use the Mountain in the trial by combat that’s to lớn come.

Afterward, Cersei stops by the Small Council to find Kevan Lannister (the current Hand of the King) meeting with Olenmãng cầu & Mace Tyrell và Grand Maester Pycelle. Pycelle puts his foot in his mouth royally when it comes to Ser Gregor, and I’m guessing the old maester is going to lớn get the Gregor-SMASH headspecial before the season is out.

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Kevan once again proves he is great at ditching meetings in style, và refuses lớn talk with Cersei present. He và his company depart, leaving Cersei and Jaime to stew in the slight.

Elsewhere in the thành phố, Tommen is attempting to lớn assert himself with the Faith & not doing the best job. He approaches the High Sparrow at the sept about his mother, but the High Sparrow stills insists Cersei needs more atonement.

Tommen is way out of his league when dealing with the High Sparrow, that much is certain. The old man dances around hyên ổn with gentle and subtle manipulations, understanding the king is a confused young boy in over his head. He defers taking ownership of any of his actions, claiming it’s not what he wants, its what the gods want, & Tommen buys it.

Arya’s kung-fu-training movie-montage takes us through her return to the House of Blaông chồng and White. The Waif is a harsh mentor, laying inkhổng lồ Arya with the big stiông xã as they fight, & the little stiông xã for the Game of Faces. Though still blind, Arya is more adept at fighting, & is becoming No One more và more, it seems. It also looks like the Waif is becoming resentful of her presence.

It’s not clear to me why though. If her negativity were just a teaching technique, she’d be pleased when Arya succeeded in blocking her strike. But the Waif does not like Arya, and that story will undoubtedly come to a head.

Now that Arya has made progress, Jaqen checks in with her once more. She denies her name & he invites her lớn drink from the pool. After she finally she does so, she opens her eyes and sees clearly, no longer blind. She’s reached a new cấp độ of Facelessness, and losing more of herself every day.

" width="3156" height="2100" srcset="https://modem.vn/game-of-thrones-season-6-ep-3/imager_8_191250_700.jpg 3156w, http://modem.vn/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/GOT603_081815_HS__DSC70821-300x200.jpg 300w, http://modem.vn/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/GOT603_081815_HS__DSC70821-768x511.jpg 768w, http://modem.vn/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/GOT603_081815_HS__DSC70821-1024x681.jpg 1024w, http://modem.vn/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/GOT603_081815_HS__DSC70821-800x532.jpg 800w" sizes="(max-width: 3156px) 100vw, 3156px" />

At Winterfell, Ramsay has a visitor this week. The Umbers (last seen absolutely ages ago in season 1 since Greatjon Umber’s actor had a scheduling conflict for season 2 and never returned) are making a comeback in the size of Greatjon’s son Smalljon (Dean Jagger).

Smalljon is aware Ramsay killed his father, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t even care about his own father, who the show has apparently decided khổng lồ kill off-screen. (Unfortunate, since Clive Mantle was a wonderful Greatjon. Must’ve sầu been one hell of a scheduling issue.) Either way, the formerly very loyal House Umber, the people who declared the Starks the King in the North, are now asking for the Boltons’ help in holding off the wildlings who are headed south thanks khổng lồ Jon Snow.

Ramsay is wary, especially since Smalljon refuses to lớn kneel, but as Umber astutely observes, Roose Bolton once knelt and called Robb Stark king. Those gestures don’t mean a thing. Smalljon has something better- he has a gift, & it’s exactly what people were afraid it would be, based on “Oathbreaker”‘s pnhận xét.

Lovely lớn see Osha & Rickon again! I just wish the circumstances were better.

And we know Rickon would never be taken easily, not with Shaggydog protecting hlặng. His direwolf would never let this happen. Which is why it was almost not a surprise khổng lồ see Umber produce the direwolf’s severed head as proof of Rickon Stark’s identity.

Be worried for Rickon & Osha. Be very worried.

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At the Wall, with the resurrection of Jon Snow, the fate of his murderers is sealed.

Bowen Marsh, Othell Yarwyck, Ser Alliser Thorne and the boy Olly are phối khổng lồ die by hanging.

Jon accepts their final words. Marsh & Yarwyông chồng are frightened và insipid. True khổng lồ his character, Thorne stands his ground; as far as he’s concerned he may have sầu betrayed Jon but he didn’t betray the Night’s Watch, và he’d make that choice again. For all that Thorne is a murderer & a hard, unlikeable man, he tried to lớn obey his vows in his way.

“You’ll be fighting their battles forever,” he tells Jon, and I have sầu khổng lồ wonder if that’s an accidental prophecy on Thorne’s part.

His eyes defiant, Olly doesn’t speak a word when Jon comes lớn hlặng. Jon looks as though his heart breaks once more, the way it did when Olly stabbed him. Was he hoping for an excuse to cut the boy down from there, or at least an apology? He won’t get it.

Around the yard, it’s gryên ổn and silent. Melisandre watches from above- like always.

Jon Snow swings his sword, cutting the rope tied lớn the gallows. With his action, the men drop & dangle from their ropes, faces purpling, dead.

His last task accomplished, Jon sheathes his sword and tells Edd lớn burn the bodies. Passing his cloak khổng lồ Edd, he also gives hlặng Castle Blaông chồng.

Jon is done. He did his best, và died for it. But with his murder, his obligations were fulfilled and finished và he’s no oathbreaker.

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