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Fairy Tail Vs One Piece trò chơi was inspired by the anime series. We combined the quality features of big và world-famous characters from two different anime worlds in Fairy Tail Vs One Piece.

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Fairy Tail is named after the most famous of the wizarding guilds in the kingdom. These guilds were also established to lớn provide security and responsibilities in different areas. Fairy Tail is a magical anime revolving around the characters of Lucy, Natsu, Happy, Erza và Gray. After Natsu is raised by the dragon, his long disappears. Natsu, who has an unyielding nature, values ​​his relatives và is very respectful to lớn the people around him. Happy is known as the flying cat. He looks very weak and weak. But don"t be fooled by that. Because whenever his friends are stuck, he comes to lớn their aid. There is no one who does not know Lucy. It doesn"t attract much attention at first, but later it turns out that there are secrets. She draws your attention with her personality full of secrets. She makes herself look weak, she. He does not show his great strength lớn anyone. Gray draws attention with his family problems. He went through very difficult times when he lost his family as a result of an attack. UI takes him with him to train và teaches the ice creation magic. When the UI dies, it is left alone. He then joins Fairy Tail. He gained an important place in many wars with his spells. & he fell in love with a broken heart. Erza is a character that scares even with her name. He never spares his power and uses it everywhere. She has turned into someone who is very angry and afraid of no one because of her past. You may also be very interested in being an S-class mage.

One Piece, on the other hand, is an anime about the struggle with pirates & creatures of different anatomy in the seas. Here, too, there are strong characters. The goal is khổng lồ capture the One Piece treasure. For this treasure, it is necessary to lớn visit many seas và islands. On the seas, you can encounter pirates & a war can break out. Domination on the seas takes place in the size of "smash & proclaim your kingdom". Gathering the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy saves Zoro"s life & adds it to his crew. Along their journey, money-obsessed thief Nami, sniper but liar Usopp, perverted but knight cook Sanji are joined. They phối off on the ship Going Merry. Many other people join them on this journey. & they change their ships. They cope very well with the difficulties they experience in sea conditions. It is very important here not khổng lồ be defeated by anyone. If the ship takes on water, it will sink. The world of One Piece is beyond your imagination. There are creatures lượt thích dwarfs, minks, fish-men. Mountains and seas cover most of the surface, & there are many sea kingdoms here too. The devil that grows here gives power to those who eat the fruits, but it kills those who eat 2 of them. It is divided into 3 categories: Paramecia gives superhuman abilities. Logia transforms living attributes into forces of nature. Zoan transforms into mythical creatures. There is also Haki in One Piece. Khaki is the hidden talent inherent in every living thing. Everyone has it, but few awaken it, và few can master it. Khaki is also of 3 types: color of Observation, one with limited intuition. Weapon Color, wrapping of body and objects with invisible armor. The màu sắc of the High King helps the weak-willed to overcome it. Although Haki is hidden, it can also cause physical changes.

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Now that we tell you the stories of these two strengths, you will be able lớn play the game much better! Get ready to lớn meet the full version of Fairy Tail Vs One Piece version with awesome updates! You will be amazed by the addition of new characters, the change & revamp of the game map layout, the graphic thiết kế of the game và the transitions.

Z-S up, down on the menu screen; A-D left, right; J allows you lớn make the choice. In the game, you can easily play the game with keys such as A, D, S, J, K, U, L, I.

You can stay awake with Fairy Tail Vs One Piece. This game became legendary. You are now a legendary player. Choose your side and mingle with this amazing character & their stories. You will get to lớn know them better as you play và you won"t be able khổng lồ let go.

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