Isekai death game ni tensou sarete tsurai

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SynopsisTooru Himi is an office worker who has a habit of saying "I want to die" whenever he feels stressed. One fateful moment his wish was granted và now finds himself in an arena along with a group of people. They were summoned by the Death God Mei to play a death game. Only the last one standing can go back.(Source: Moe Panda Scans)


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"Isekai Death game ni Tensou sarete Tsurai" is a parody of all these mangas about death games.Keep in mind that this review is written after the release of the 7 first chapters and that I'm the kind of guy who enjoy every manga he reads & that this is NOT an Isekai.Story : 6/10 The plot is pretty basic also don't think of a mindblowing story. This is just an agreable little manga entertaining you with it's humor & characters. It's qualities reside there.Art : 8/10 This pretty suggestive, the art is not actually that beautiful but is meant lớn be cute. The exaggeration of the character's emotion sometimes may remind you of Konosuba. Also the different "death game" moments have a slightly different art drawn in Seinen style.Character : 8/10 Once again, it's pretty suggestive. If you hate lolis, well this manga has many already and will contain even more in the future BUT those are not the generic one you often see. Every character is appealing and you will get closer lớn them. They had no deep backstory và probably won't have. One of the quality of the characters is that each one have their very own personalities. Enjoyment : 9/10 like I said previously, I lượt thích mediocre manga but this one is more. If you want a refreshing funny manga with appealing characters, then you will definitely like it. Plus you can read it fast & this is the translation team's main project at the moment also you won't wait too long until it gets new chapters (the original manga has at least 2 volumes & so far they didn't finish translating the first one).Overall : 8/10 I'll remember it và wait for the other chapters khổng lồ be translated. It was worth my time & will probably be worth yours but if you only wish to read a manga a deep elaborated story, plot twists & all, then you can pass this to lớn find a more interesting one.Hope you found this nhận xét helpful !

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