Download lego nexo knights: merlock 2, nexo knights merlok 2


Knighton is under attachồng from the evil Jestro and his army of Lava Monsters in this action battle game. With help from the digital wizard Merlok 2.0 you must gather your team of Nexo Knights và build a powerful collection of unique Nexo Powers. The more Nexo Powers you collect, the more powerful you become. Collect, battle và save sầu Knighton in Lego Nexo Knights: Merlok 2.0.

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Action-packed battles. Your knight is powerful, but you still have sầu lớn be strategic in your battles. The goal is lớn fight your way through each cấp độ to locate the various members of the Nexo Knights. Only together, as a team, can the Nexo Knights defeat Jestro. Battles và trùm fights are the way lớn victory.



Use your Nexo Powers wisely. Nexo Powers can be found throughout the various levels, và you can also use your iOS device's camera lớn scan the codes on specially-marked Lego products. These powers can be crucial khổng lồ some of the more vigorous battles, so use them judiciously.

Collect blueprints ... and munchies Getting to secret areas of the bản đồ requires various Nexo Knight vehicles, which you acquire by collecting blueprints. Make sure you piông xã up every blueprint you see, & also keep your health up by munching on the food you earn after each battle. You can even find new Nexo Powers. All of this is crucial to lớn your success.

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What is it about?

Lego Nexo Knights: Merlok 2.0 is similar lớn digital collectible card games, since you have lớn build up a library of Nexo powers. The chất lượng Lego theme & tap combat mechanics make the game stand apart, though, và you'll find yourself immersed in the world of Nexo Knights. Fight Lava Monsters of all sizes, & eventually take on Jestro to lớn defeat hyên ổn and save Knighton. With new Nexo Powers added each month, the game offers plenty of trả lời value.

Why we love it

Lego Nexo Knights: Merlok 2.0 has superb graphics & a wonderful soundtrachồng. The game is easy to play, & it's a không tính tiền download on the App Store. Even better, there are no in-app purchases. However, you can accumulate Nexo Powers by purchasing Lego Nexo Knights mini-figures and playsets. This isn't required, though, since you can find Nexo Powers in-game.


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