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a trò chơi by Electronic Arts
Platforms: PC, Playstation 2
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 đánh giá
User Rating: 6.5/10 - 23 votes
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Over the years, the Need for tốc độ franchise hasn’t been afraid lớn try new things, or even go back khổng lồ earlier ideas to lớn expand on them. In the case of Need for tốc độ Most Wanted black Edition, this was the franchise’s return to lớn daylight racing and re-introduced the racer’s biggest adversary: the police.

The black List vs the Police

Released in 2005 for the PC, PS2, Xbox, and Xbox 360; Most Wanted tells a story told through the lens of a driver who’s new onto the racing scene in Rockport City. You quickly find out there’s a leaderboard of underground racers called the black List. Your goal: Reach certain milestones within the game to earn the right lớn face these ranked racers. These milestones vary, but an example would be reaching a certain tốc độ while being caught in a tốc độ trap. You’ll also need to earn a certain cấp độ or respect, which is earned by getting into high-speed chases with the police.


Here is where the game truly shines. The police chases within Most Wanted offer an experience unlike many other racing games, even until this day. As you tear through the city, hills, và highways of Rockport; you’ll start to lớn increase your Heat level. As your Heat level grows, you’ll begin khổng lồ be chased by the police. At first, the cops can be shaken quite easily. However, as you get further into the game & begin to reach higher Heat levels, it starts to lớn get real. You’ll start lớn hear chatter on the radio regarding what they play khổng lồ do, which may involve bringing out a helicopter or laying spike strips on the road ahead of you. This gives you a bit of time khổng lồ react, but you’ll still need to be smart lớn escape. To vày so, simply hide from the police on your radar. If you’re boxed in and busted by the police, you’ll thua thảm your rewards và need lớn start that run over. These chases remind me of ones that you’d see straight out of a chase scene in an action movie such as The Transporter or The Fast and The Furious.

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As you make your way through the đen List beating racers, you’ll earn money, upgrades, & possibly even the racer’s car. These rewards are chosen at random by you after these races, so you won’t always know what you’ll be getting. This feature keeps the player from being able lớn upgrade their cars và play exactly as they want. This might frustrate some, but it does give the game a bit of variety – albeit in a forced way. You’ll still be able khổng lồ choose how khổng lồ spend your money, so feel không tính tiền to upgrade your spoiler or rims, or go the performance route và upgrade the engine and wheels.

Get In, We"re Going for a Ride

If you’re a oto enthusiast, you’ll see a few favorites in the trò chơi such as the Ford Mustang GT or the Toyota Supra; but it doesn’t have a roster that will absolutely blow you away. Certain cars, such as the black List’s racers’ cars, will have upgraded versions. If you beat Vic, you might even get his customized Toyota Supra. I enjoyed racing in my tập đoàn mitsubishi Eclipse before eventually upgrading to the BMW M3 GTR.

The graphics and sound unique are great circa 2005, although you may enjoy the more recent Need for tốc độ Most Wanted (2015) game a bit more if graphics, music, và sound design are your main requirements for a fun racing game.


The trò chơi obviously looks best on the Xbox 360, while playing the black Edition. This edition adds more cars & some behind the scenes nội dung for those interested in the game’s development. For the music and sound, they’re great for their time. The cars & collisions sound beefy and you’re treated khổng lồ an intense orchestra once police chases start to ramp up.

Need for speed Most Wanted (2005) ends up being one of the franchises’ highest chất lượng entries. The competitive races, interesting cut scenes, và action-packed police chase churns out an experience worth diving into, even in 2020. If you’re looking for a chance of pace from previous iterations in the series such as Need for speed Underground và Need for speed Underground 2, you might find what you’re looking for here.


Blood-pumping, hand sweating police chases that thử nghiệm your mettleWide range of cars such as FIAT, Mercedes, Porsche, and VolkswagenEntertaining story that keeps you progressing through the gameHuge xuất hiện world maps to explore và get lost in


Wish there was more variety in the chase scenes, such as tanks; or more moves the police will try lớn pull on you khổng lồ bust youBad acting in the cut scenes, but could be intentional as it has a certain charm

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