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Neutral Balanced
Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4April Fool'sTeal Haori & Hakama
Base AtkBase HP Max Atk Max HP Lvl 100 Atk Lvl 100 HP Lvl 120 Atk Lvl 120 HP
NP per Hit (%)NP when Attacked (%)
Star AbsorptionStar Generation per Hit

Humanoid Servant Riding Saberface Weak lớn Enuma Elish Female Spiritron Dress User Hominidae Shinsengumi
Self Quick Up
Self ATK Up
Self Star Gather Rate Up
Self Evade
Self Crit Damage Up
ST Quick NP
Self Ignore Defense
DEF Down


Shukuchi B+

Increase own Quick card effectiveness (1 turn).

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Apply Bonus Effect: Increase own ATK by 20% (1 turn) when normal attacking (1 turn).



Zettou A

Increase own Critical Star Gather Rate (1 turn).Increase own Critical Strength (1 turn). Increase own NP Gauge.

Lvl12345678910 Absorption +Crit Dmg +NP +CD


Mumyou Sandanzuki-

Deal significant DEF-ignoring damage to a single enemy.

Greatly decrease DEF for a single enemy (3 turns).

Mumyou Sandanzuki

Three-Stage Thrust


Deal significant DEF-ignoring damage to lớn a single enemy.


Assorted Info

IDCostGenderGrowthInst. Death ChanceDamage Distribution QuickDamage Distribution ArtsDamage Distribution BusterDamage Distribution ExtraDamage Distribution NP
Reverse S

Attack / HP Growth

✔ Rank Up 1Chapter Completion: Fuyuki

Ascension: 4

Bond: 1


Skill 1

✖ Interlude 1 (ETA: 9/2023)Chapter Completion: Fuyuki

Ascension: 3

Bond: 5


Skill 2

Total Materials Required

AscensionSkillAppend SkillAsc + SkillTotal

Costume Dress Materials

April Fool's0
Headband of Resolve

If equipped to Okita Souji,Increase Critical Damage of all allies by 25% while she"s on the field.

Table of Contents


“There is no good or bad on the battlefield, only death!”Okita Souji, Captain of the First Unit of the Shinsengumi, is a deadly sword prodigy who brings despair lớn her enemies on the battlefield… as long as she doesn’t fall prey lớn her tuberculosis first. Okita is a powerful Quick-based Saber whose single target NP, insane NP generation, and self-sufficient critical trò chơi make her a fantastic boss killer despite her origins as a joke Servant.

Okita’s performance in fights benefits greatly from her well above average ATK stat, one of the highest of all Sabers. Her kit is self-sufficient, with strong performance all around. The Quick steroid on Shukuchi both serves as Okita’s main NP damage buff & allows for absolutely brutal Quick Brave Chains if the cards line up, even letting her completely refill her NP gauge if she crits on her fantastic Quick cards. Weak Constitution is a vanilla 1-turn Critical Star Absorption buff, but it stabilizes her ability lớn consistently crit without a large surplus of stars. Okita’s Mind’s Eye (False) is both her emergency defensive measure as a 1-turn Evasion, & her Critical Damage steroid. The linchpin of Okita’s kit is Mumyou Sandanzuki, a powerful ST NP that both pierces Defense Up buffs và drops a hefty 3-turn Defense Down after hitting.

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However, Okita is not without her flaws. Though her NP generation allows her to potentially spam Mumyou Sandanzuki, her Quick steroid only lasts for one turn, leading lớn significant damage falloff on subsequent turns. In addition, her sustained critical damage steroid is also tied to lớn her dodge, leaving her often stuck with choosing whether to lớn save Mind’s Eye for safety or use it for damage. Nevertheless, her consistency & self-sufficiency mean that Okita can perform well despite these shortcomings.

Overall, Okita Souji is a very strong Quick ST Saber, và generally does well no matter the environment due to her ability to giảm giá damage, make stars, và gain NP charge on her own. 


High Damage Defense Up Piercing NP

Between Okita’s stellar ATK stat, the naturally slightly higher damage modifier on Quick NPs, & the steroid on Shukuchi, Mumyou Sandanzuki hits like a truck. A truck that can only be stopped if the target uses Evasion or Invincibility skills. The post-NP Defense Down afterwards is a nice bonus as well.

High Self-Sufficiency

Okita’s strong Quick cards are the key to her offensive performance, allowing her lớn build up NP gauge, produce Critical Stars, self-buff with Quick & Critical Damage buffs, & go to lớn town. The fact that she can bởi vì all of this without any external tư vấn makes her very flexible, able to lớn pivot into many different team setups. Even defensively, Okita brings her own on-demand dodge khổng lồ the table, lessening her need for urgent defensive tư vấn from allies.

Excellent NP and Star Generation

What good is a strong NP if you can never use it? Luckily, Okita doesn’t have this problem; rather, she has some of the best active NP generation of any Saber. Thanks to lớn her deck & hit count spread, her Arts thẻ is above average in terms of NP gen, but her Quicks are ludicrous due to lớn having 5 hits each. For the same reason, Okita can generate large sums of stars off any Brave Chain involving her Quick cards, let alone an NP Quick Brave Chain.

Main Steroid Has Short Duration

Though Shukuchi is powerful for burst turns and enabling Okita’s NP to hit very hard, it only lasts a single turn. Okita’s other sustained damage steroid is Critical-based, meaning it won’t benefit her NP damage at all. Even on that front, since the star absorption on Weak Constitution only lasts one turn, she may not be able to take full advantage of her 3-turn Critical Damage buff. The strong Defense Down debuff on her NP does go some way toward mitigating the potential damage fall-off after NP turns, however.

Trade-off Between Survivability & Damage

Okita packs both an on-demand dodge & a self-buff for Critical Damage. However, the fact that they’re both on the same skill means that often Okita will have lớn save Mind’s Eye for the dodge, limiting her ability to make full use of the damage steroid. This is especially true against tough bosses, which is where she’s most likely needed in the first place.

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