One piece 1049: luffy triumphs over kaido

One Piece's Luffy vs Kaido Would Never Be Allowed in American Comics Luffy and Kaido"s epic battle continues to rage in One Piece, but one element of this clash of titans would never be possible in American comics.

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Warning: contains spoilers for One Piece chapter 1048!

In the current One Piece story arc, Luffy is in a life-or-death struggle against Kaido, the self-proclaimed strongest creature in the world. While this type of climactic battle is fundamental to the superhero genre, a peculiar aspect of the Luffy/Kaido fight would never happen in American comics.

Despite a plethora of overpowered characters, many of who Luffy has figured out a way lớn defeat, Kaido stands out as one of the strongest opponents the young pirate has ever faced. While Kaido"s power is obvious, the more impressive element of the fight is Luffy"s resilience và versatility. No matter what Kaido does to lớn Luffy he literally bounces back, stronger than ever. However, there has now been a lot of bouncing back. The fight began in One Piece #1022, which was published in October 2021. The most current issue, where the fight is still ongoing, is One Piece #1048, which was published in May 2022. Moreover, it seems the fight is likely to lớn last at least a few more issues, if not longer.

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The duration of the fight, however, is perhaps not solely due khổng lồ the creative inspiration of the manga"s creator Eiichiro Oda, but rather due to the technical standards of the manga industry itself. According khổng lồ Frederik L. Schodt"s Manga! Manga!: The World of Japanese Comics, a mangaka is given significantly more "pages" or panels khổng lồ tell their story than in the average American comic. As a result, a mangaka has no pressure or expectation lớn complete a fight in one or two issues, as is the case in the US.

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One piece kaido vs luffy
These limits on American comics have several consequences. First, as a result of the need khổng lồ get the "story" out in fewer comic panels & comic book pages, American comics tend to lớn include more text và fewer graphics, or to be specific, more text in every graphic. The text provides readers with the context of what they see in the comic panel, và the actual art depicts the completion or near completion of the kích hoạt described in the text. Additionally, there is also less physical space khổng lồ visually depict the action.

Conversely, Japanese manga allows the mangaka khổng lồ visually depict every, or almost every, element of action, from completion lớn conclusion as if it were in real-time. Text, moreover, is used khổng lồ simply express what characters are saying, rather than what they are thinking or to lớn narrate the moment. Manga tends to take the principle of "a picture is worth a thousand words" very seriously, showing everything it"s possible to show without becoming tedious.

Consequently, in a manga as popular, long-running, and influential as One Piece not only does Oda have the ability to stretch out a fight longer than in a comparable American comic, but with a fight as important lớn the ultimate resolution of the story as Luffy versus Kaido, Oda was likely given plenty of discretion to lớn develop it as he sees fit - a privilege not enjoyed by American comic authors & artists, who would never be allowed lớn create a fight scene that stretches over eight months và counting.

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