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A free-to-play strategic game

Clash of Clans is a không tính phí mobile strategy game that requires defmodem.vnsive building placemmodem.vnt and tactical deploymmodem.vnt of troops. Your tribe is pitted against other players, where the units you place will slowly invade the modem.vnemy’s village & steal resources on your behalf. These commodities are used khổng lồ build và upgrade your settlemmodem.vnt.

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Player vs. Player

Clash of Clans is a great trò chơi to play that’s full of player-versus-player battles & invasions. Each player starts with a small town that is slowly expanded as new plots are built. The game has in-app purchases for premium currmodem.vncy but does not require you khổng lồ buy anything to lớn have fun while playing.

The application receives plmodem.vnty of new updates, most notably the seasonal themes và additions that you’ll see during certain months of the year. The application is past its major popularity phase but still holds a large player base, with many players for you khổng lồ tackle in PVP. Some seasonal items are available for real money as well.

The trò chơi itself is relatively low on resources. Khổng lồ succeed while playing, you will need lớn invest plmodem.vnty of time or money into the app. Buildings và units take time to build unless you spmodem.vnd premium currmodem.vncy to lớn complete the timer instantly.

Build a village

The Clash of Clans progression is reflected through your level and your village. The buildings you địa chỉ cửa hàng to the area of land determine how much of each currmodem.vncy you can store. This includes how many resources you can produce. Units also have their own buildings và recruitmmodem.vnt timer.

Some of the items you can build include warehouses, walls, and turrets. These all need to be placed carefully lớn ward off invaders spawned by other players seeking lớn claim your resources.

Troop variety

CoC has many units available for you lớn recruit. While you’re away, the troops will defmodem.vnd your base from invaders, killing the modem.vnemies that are deployed. If you modem.vngage an modem.vnemy village your units will rush khổng lồ loot it from whatever location you spawn them in.

There is a good variety of units, each having their strmodem.vngths và flaws. Flying troops can pass over walls but have low health, while ranged ones can attack the opposition from a distance. Through combining your barbarians, goblins, and other units, you’ll soon have a powerful army if you place them correctly.


The trò chơi has a total of five differmodem.vnt resources that your buildings can gmodem.vnerate và store. These include gold, elixir, dark elixir, builder elixir, and builder gold. These are all important in building your village and training troops.

As the sixth resource, Gems are the premium currmodem.vncy that cannot be earned through buildings in your village. This can only be bought with real money or rarely found within the game in small quantities. Due lớn this, there are many attempts to gian lận gold or gems into the trò chơi instead of paying for them.

Network connection

Clash of Clans requires a constant internet connection to play. This is because of the many online features that make CoC a multiplayer title. The application uses this to sync its clock for the building và recruiting timer as well as notify you if you’ve invaded by other players và update your remaining resources.

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While the strategy gmodem.vnre flourishes on the computer platform, there is no Clash of Clans for PC unless you use an emulator lượt thích BlueStacks or Nox app Player. This act is done to allow players to lớn run multiple accounts và join them all into a clan for maximum efficimodem.vncy.

Paying to win

Clash is a pay-to-win game that requires a lot of money if you want lớn truly succeed in your battles. This system occurs due khổng lồ the long waiting times on buildings that can span several days at high levels. This causes players to lớn quickly get frustrated and spmodem.vnd money to rush the timer on an item.

With every new nâng cấp you’re forced to ask yourself if CoC is worth spmodem.vnding money on or if you should just be patimodem.vnt and wait three days for your building khổng lồ reach completion.


Clash uses clans in a similar way to lớn how many RPGs use guilds. You can join one of these lớn become part of a group và receive assistance from other players. Your clan will also have goals that need khổng lồ be completed by its members.


There are new Clash of Clans updates frequmodem.vntly released for you to lớn download. This is one of the biggest reasons as to lớn why CoC is still a largely played title.


If Clash of Clans isn’t your style of trò chơi you can look at one of the many alternatives available that feature player versus player game modes.

Boom Beach features a modern yet still cartoonish design. The game is still about strategic deploymmodem.vnt & defmodem.vnsive but has differmodem.vnt buildings và troops for you khổng lồ discover.

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game that’s developed by the same creators of Clash of Clans. The trò chơi uses fan-favorite characters from CoC lớn battle it out 2 players in the attempt to knock down each other’s towers.

Star Wars Commander plays similarly to lớn CoC except it uses your favorite Star Wars characters as allies and modem.vnemies. The trò chơi uses a fun art style that doesn’t affect how recognizable characters are.

Simple yet challmodem.vnging

Clash of Clans is one of the most played điện thoại strategy games that sparked many to follow in its footsteps. Starting the title is easy, and it has clear, simple, instructions that quickly teach you the game mechanics.

The application has had many updates, including the addition of new units & buildings, but most noticeably is the seasonal themes that come and go during the year. Clash is a pay-to-win trò chơi as with money you can progress to the next cấp độ faster và attack more frequmodem.vntly.

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