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Dragon City is an amazing simulator that can completely immerse you in the world of dragons, magic và fire. Players have the opportunity to lớn build their own city with live sầu huge lizards instead of ordinary people. Take care of your pets, feed và raise them: from eggs khổng lồ adults. Actually, it is your future army that can help you defeat other players. The game will appeal lớn all rồng lovers, because over a thous& quality individuals are waiting for them. By the way, if you prefer collecting games, you can also download My Singing Monsters and Teamfight Tactics.

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Overall Info

Size130 Mb
MOD Info- Money/Gems- One-Hit Kill- Always your Turn- No Ads
Requires Android4.1+


Find out the main features of Dragon City from our in-depth review

Enjoy addicting gameplay

The gameplay in Dragon City has many analogues with modern strategies that rely on MMORPG genre. Initially, you have sầu access to lớn a small city with several buildings and an altar where you can grow your dragons. Your task is to lớn gradually increase the thành phố, tăng cấp your level & create more lizards, as well as make improvements. In any case, you need resources for this, which you can get by completing tasks, fighting other players or receiving daily gifts. According to the plot, the game does not have an kết thúc. Therefore, you can develop your city & heroes khổng lồ infinity. With each new level, new types of buildings open up for you, as well as exciting events. The faster you upgrade, the more interesting the gameplay becomes.


All winged creatures differ in class: fire, electricity, earth, water, etc. Some creatures have a lot of health, others have a powerful blow and still others masterly dodge any attacks. We should mention special class of legendary creatures with impeccable combat characteristics. Consider all these characteristics when starting a fight và choosing a rồng.

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Our Summary

Dragon City combines the best traditions of strategy & action. Many amazing creatures, ability lớn grow hybrids and fight with players from all over the world made the game in demand. This is a rare ứng dụng where the player has something to bởi in both PVE and PVP modes.

How khổng lồ install Dragon City Mod APK?

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our trang web. However, if you download modded or hacked tiện ích from third tiệc ngọt sources for a first time, the following guide may be useful for you:

Press download APK button to lớn start tải về process.After its completion, open your tệp tin manager and select the necessary application file dragon-city-modem.vn.apk.In case of installing APK file for the first time, your device may ask you several permissions. In order khổng lồ allow installation process you have sầu to lớn open device settings and switch on “Allow from this source” tab.After the game installation completion, it becomes available for playing!

Don’t forget khổng lồ delete the original version of Dragon City before installing our modified version khổng lồ prsự kiện errors during installation process.

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