An epic trò chơi of Thrones tour opens up in Northern Ireland

Game of Thrones: Clearly, fans of trò chơi of Thrones are yet over this epic TV series, & so the gifts keep coming. Fans can now experience the world of game of Thrones và its Seven Kingdoms in a ... More

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Delhi hotels step up the game, turn into COVID Care Centres

Given the rising number of Coronavirus positive patients in the national capital, a number of hotels have been converted into Covid care centres. , ashrams and wedding halls in Delhi are being co... More


Asian Games: Indonesian cuisine you must try while in the country

So, the Asian Games are on in Indonesia & India is shining bright in the games with a flurry of gold, silver và bronze medals. Those visiting the destination for the games must be having a gal... More


China’s futuristic floating train can be a travel game changer

China has developed a futuristic floating train that can hit the speeds of 620 km per hour. On January 13, the country unveiled a prototype for a high-speed Maglev train developed by Southwest Ji... More


Game of Thrones locations in Northern Ireland to xuất hiện for fans soon

Game of Thrones is probably one of the most-watched series in the history of television. While the last season still far away, HBO has announced its intention to lớn throw the gates open for the publ... More

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Sports tourism – the best cricket grounds to lớn watch a game of cricket

India is a land of cricket, as we rightly say that Cricket is a religion here in the country. Speaking of travel, there are some goals that are bigger, and sometimes tougher to accomplish, sports... More

Goa likely lớn become Asia’s largest off-shore gaming spot

In an exciting turn of events, Goa’s off-shore casino starts from today. The casino with ‘no-limits’ tables has made an entry in the Indian market with an 11-day extravaganza. What is more intere... More

Tokyo Olympics và Paralympics Games will not have overseas spectators this year

It has now been confirmed that overseas spectators will not be permitted khổng lồ attend the Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics Games. The world class event that is being held at Tokyo this year is a much ... More

Gulmarg to host 5-day national winter games from March 7, 2020

Gulmarg, one of Asia"s most popular skiing destinations, is all geared up to lớn host the national winter games next month. It will be the first big sự kiện to be hosted in the valley after the abrogat... More

Relive trò chơi of Thrones moments at its doppelganger destinations in India!

The game of Thrones has just winded up its seventh season with a bang. Discussions surrounding this season và speculations about the finale season have hit an all time high amid both fan circles... More





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